At Johnson & Johnson, we strive towards a world where even the most vulnerable people have access to the care they need to live full, healthy lives. Across Southeast Asia, the Global Community Impact – with funding from Johnson & Johnson Foundation and Johnson & Johnson business segments – has forged partnerships with community organisations at the heart of delivering care for pregnant women and children at the last mile, and with global organisations to drive systems and long-lasting change in maternal and infant health. Now, we are ready to scale. Through our Center for Health Worker Innovation, Johnson & Johnson is committing $250 million to support 1 million frontline health workers and reach 100 million people globally by 2030.

In the Philippines, Johnson & Johnson has been working with Save the Children since 2012 to implement a multi-year health and nutrition program targeted at mothers and infants to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life – from pregnancy to two years old – is a critical period for optimal child growth and development. Our program with Save the Children focuses on increasing access to health and nutrition services during the first 1,000 day. We do this by providing health facilities with essential equipment, mobilizing community participation to support pregnant women in developing birth plans and collaborating with local governments to improve health policy environment for mothers and children. To date, our work has directly benefitted close to 600,000 women, men and children.

Many maternal deaths are caused by obstetric complications which are preventable. In Indonesia, Johnson & Johnson and Project HOPE have come together since 2013 to increase availability, accessibility, utilization and quality of basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care services for pregnant women. Our program also focuses on strengthening the capacity and skills of village midwives and community health workers to provide antenatal care. At community level, we strengthen community-based health systems in five areas: family planning, maternity care, immunization, infant growth monitoring and nutrition awareness. To date, this program has benefitted 130,000 women of reproductive age and children under five.

In Viet Nam, 34,000 children die of preventable causes before reaching the age of five. Incidents of deaths are particularly prevalent amongst ethnic minority groups. Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with UNICEF, initiated a project to support Viet Nam Ministry of Health’s efforts to save lives. Efforts include training ethnic minority village midwives on how to provide early essential newborn care for mothers and newborns, and identify common pregnancy risks such as anaemia and oedema. More than 500 ethnic minority village midwives have been trained and they now have improved knowledge and skills to perform care for sick newborns.

Johnson & Johnson has been committed to social and community impact activities for over 130 years. And we will continue to forge a healthier and more equitable future for those we serve.