We applaud the US ABC for the strong commitment to Every Woman, Every Child. Jhpiego, a Johns Hopkins University affiliate and nonprofit global leader in the creation and delivery of transformative health care solutions that save lives of women and their families, supports the tenets of Every Woman, Every Child through the core mission of our work. For more than 45 years, we have worked in 155 countries with one simple goal: to ensure that where a woman lives does not determine if she lives. Currently, our ongoing initiatives in support of Every Woman, Every Child are in the focus technical areas of Safe Surgery Access and Family Planning

Safe Surgery 2020
Access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthetic care is a pressing issue in global health. Safe Surgery 2020 aims to transform surgical care, reducing maternal and trauma-related mortality and strengthening health systems. Our goal is to drive major improvements in the volume and quality of emergency and essential surgical procedures conducted in district-level hospitals. The initiative is set up as a partnership of funders, implementers, thought leaders and ministries of health. The first country of implementation is Ethiopia. In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus and other country partners, the initiative has been helping to design and implement several innovative programs in Ethiopia. Since 2017, the program is also being implemented in Tanzania, where we have supported development of a National Surgical, Obstetric and Anesthesia Plan. Safe Surgery 2020 is made possible by GE Foundation. Lead partners include Dalberg Advisors, Jhpiego, Assist International, Harvard School of Medicine – PGSSC and the G4 Alliance.

FP2020 Commitment is included in Every Woman, Every Child.

Jhpiego Family Planning Commitment:

Over the next 3 years, Jhpiego will provide US$500,000 to implement and advocate for programs and policies that increase access to family planning for adolescents and first-time parents, expand uptake of postpartum family planning, and prepare frontline health workers to deliver quality family planning services. This commitment, in support of FP2020 and Every Woman, Every Child, will be implemented globally, with targeted activities in Ouagadougou Partnership Countries, Uganda and Ghana.

In Uganda and Ghana, we will introduce interventions to empower first-time parents to ensure healthy timing and spacing of future births and provide lifesaving information on breastfeeding and newborn care. Furthermore, Jhpiego commits to supporting West African governments in achieving their FP2020 commitments.

To learn more about our work in these and other areas, visit jhpiego.org.