Yayasan Balita Sehat (YBS)

YBS is a non-governmental organization in Indonesia with the purpose to reduce malnutrition, support children’s education and women’s empowerment through various initiative including feeding programs for young children, health education for mothers, early learning center, small skills enterprise, mobile library, medical services and pregnancy classes (Link).

YBS has been a grantee of BofA since 2013 with approximately USD$400,000 in total donations.

Recent BofA Grant has continued to support pregnant mothers and expand YBS’s services to Semarang, Central Java including: pregnancy classes, prenatal checkups, health education seminars, and life skills training. Funding also support children’s wellbeing with medical and nutritional checkups as well as offering motorbike libraries for those living in rural villages.

Outcomes of recent grant (self-reported):

  • Conducted antenatal check-ups for 105 women in Semarang and West Timor over the last 12 months in the calendar year
  • 221 children in pre-school from Cipete, Bojonggede and West Timor graduated in June 2019 and all have received a solid score and continued on to elementary school
  • 132 mothers attended Health Education Sessions where they learned about health issues and made healthy snacks/foods for their children
  • Smart Car and Moro Pustaka Timor have reached out to more than 2500 readers in pre-school, primary school and junior high schools
  • 26% of the mothers who joined the practical skill training course, successfully sold their products in the market (e.g. knitted bag)

Since 2015, YBS participated in Code for Change, an annual initiative led by GT&O volunteers with the goal of utilizing coding skills to address pain points faced by the bank’s partner NGOs. The most recent projects, the BofA Team designed and developed games, which can be played on a variety of mobile devices, through which children can learn about nutrition in a fun way. In 2018, “Rescue Puppy” was launched to educate children to consume nutritious foods and avoid junk food by saving a puppy; in 2019, “Food Drop” was introduced to with the aim to collect healthy food by category and the right servicing size to pass levels. Native fruits and local foods were used to make the game more relevant to children in the region. Other past projects included a mobile app to capture and communicate maternal health/medical info in rural villages to the head office in the city. This provided a channel for doctors to send feedback to midwives in the villages.

Other volunteering activities:

  • Engagement with YBS children to foster collaboration and communication skills in basic English speaking activities
  • Capacity-building volunteering for staff including financial literacy and HR related topics
  • Museum visit, farming, other outdoor activities


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