3M applies science to develop breakthroughs that make lives better, easier and more complete, all while contributing to global sustainable development. 3M helps build sustainable communities through strategic investments and the thoughtful involvement of 3M businesses, facilities and employees to make a difference in the world. 3M supports initiatives in areas such as education, community vibrancy and environment to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges facing vulnerable diverse communities, including women and children.

In education, 3M supports initiatives that increase student interest in science to help build a diverse pipeline of future leaders. For example, the 3M Singapore Science Outreach Program shares the magic of science with students through hands-on workshops, visits to 3M and science-based innovation talks. Since 2007, more than 10,000 students have seen how science comes to life under this program. In Philippines, 3M has supported the Mini Maker Faire by the Mind Museum, an avenue for “makers” to showcase creative and inventive projects, for the past few years.

3M improves lives in the community through sustained and inclusive programs. Since 2013 in Singapore, 3M has organized the annual 3M Step-Up Challenge – a fitness-and-charity program that rallies people from all walks of life to exercise to raise practical 3M products for those in need. From 2013 – 2019, 203,000 participants joined the movement and 3M Singapore donated more than US$860,000 worth of 3M products for 22,700 beneficiaries. In 2018 in Vietnam, 3M committed to a three-year program to improve children’s safety and awareness of safety. Through the program, 3M donated 7,000 safety kits – including respirators and t-shirts with reflective material – to six schools in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang. In Malaysia, 3M worked with MySkills Foundation – a non-profit organization advocating for youth-at-risk intervention – in 2019 for a 3M Volunteer Day event aimed at instilling teamwork and effective communication skills in 125 youths. In Thailand, 3M has a longstanding collaboration with the Community Children Foundation (CCF) since 2006 to support children from disadvantaged families. In 2019, 3M Thailand started a new food security program with CCF to provide nutritious meals to 1,800 students in 20 schools.

In the area of environment, 3M invests in programs that help foster a more sustainable world. In Indonesia, 3M supported a program in Central Java in 2019 to enhance the conservation of the coastal environment and support the development of local community livelihoods through mangrove ecotourism and sustainable aquaculture. The program also aimed to ensure that the development and use of natural resources within the coastal zone are socially and economically justifiable, as well as ecologically sustainable.

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